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This program's recorded content is now being offered as an on-demand digital course.

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The intersection of power, fulfillment, and freedom distinguish tantra from other paths of yoga, spirituality, mysticism, and self-discovery. Tantra leads us to where our spiritual aspirations and worldly ambitions are united in a sacred bond. It gives us access to what we are and what we wish to become. It leaves no room for conflict and uncertainty. Put simply, tantra gives us the tools to thrive and shine at every stage of our personal growth. As one of tantra’s cardinal texts, Sri Sukta embodies the best of tantra vidya.

Sri Vidya is the most powerful and mysterious among all tantric practices, and Sri Sukta is the heart and soul of Sri Vidya practice. In his commentary on Sri Sukta, Panditji unlocks the secret powers of the mantras of Sri Sukta to a great extent, and yet there are mantric nuances that can only be communicated and, frankly speaking, spiritually transmitted in an environment more intimate than what reading a book can offer. This online course is exactly that intimate environment.

This online course is intended to help you digest and assimilate Sri Sukta: The Tantra of Inner Prosperity, and capture the essence of tantric experience hidden between the words and the lines of the sixteen mantras of Sri Sukta. It will help you expand your understanding of mantra, yantra, chakras, kundalini, and the science of sacred fire underpinning all tantric practices. Finally, you will learn how to apply this tantric wisdom not only to accelerate your current practice, but also to awaken your extraordinary strengths and abilities through these extraordinary mantras of Sri Sukta.

This 4-week online program, culminating in a Memorial Day Weekend capstone retreat (offered in a hybrid in-person and online format), builds on Pandit Tigunait’s book, Sri Sukta: Tantra of Inner Prosperity, augmenting what is passed on by a living tradition and practiced in the inner circle of tantrics.

Program highlights include:
  • An introduction to the science of mantra and the secret of mantric transmission
  • Relationship between mantras, yantras, mandalas, and forces of nature that govern and guide both our inner and outer worlds
  • In-depth study of the sixteen mantras of the Sri Sukta
  • Plenty of opportunity for Q&A, discussions, and digital interactions
  • Dedicated practice sessions with Shiva Tigunait, PhD to learn the Sri Sukta
    • 2 practicum sessions to learn how to pronounce and recite these mantras
    • 1 session for those who already know the Sri Sukta, to help refine your recitation
  • Downloadable audio recordings of the Sri Sukta
    • Student’s learning version with a word by word, call and response format at a slower pace
    • Full speed version that can be used to follow along during your recitation
    • PDF of the Sri Sukta with Sanskrit and English transliteration
  • This course qualifies you to join the Sri Sukta Sadhana Immersion Level 1, and undertake a unique 80-day practice of Sri Sukta culminating in a capstone experience of havan (sacred fire offering) of 80 recitations of Sri Sukta.
Capstone Hybrid Retreat

Offered in a hybrid in-person & live online format over Memorial Day weekend (May 28–31)

  • Exploring the multi-tiered practices of Sri Sukta
    • Building a firm foundation and the method of selecting a particular mantra as a starting point of Sri Sukta sadhana
    • Learning how to customize and enhance your Sri Sukta practice by stringing together simpler and smaller courses of Sri Sukta practice as a plan to eventually undertake the “mega” practice of Sri Sukta
  • Q&A and group discussions with Panditji and Ishan Tigunait to reflect on the 4-week webinar sessions which preceded the capstone weekend seminar
  • Take part in a group practice of Sri Sukta enriched by a special Vishoka Meditation which precedes the recitation. This is a unique opportunity to begin or refine your personal practice of Sri Sukta
  • Three-session progressive guided yoga and Vishoka Meditation experience
  • Tuition for the in-person version of this capstone is included in your online program fee. Simply book your accommodations and pay for your room and board. Space is highly limited, so book your accommodations now.

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