The Sri Vidya Sadhana Immersion is a truly one-of-a-kind master practice. It is your opportunity to be an essential part of the consecration of the Sri Vidya Shrine in Honesdale—the first shrine of the Himalayan Tradition to be constructed in the Western hemisphere.

At its heart, the Sadhana Immersion is a group practice—and serves as the kickoff for Year Long Meditation, a global group practice we are undertaking to heal collective consciousness in support of the Sri Vidya Shrine’s consecration. Your personal purashcharana (a time-bound, highly structured meditative practice) during this program will be a vital contribution to our efforts as we launch Year Long Meditation. In addition to group meditation, our practice will feature daily havan (sacred fire offerings) and group recitation of Sri Sukta.

Unique study opportunities with Pandit Rajmani Tigunait will further enrich your intense practice. These sessions are designed to help you assimilate the inner dynamism of your purashcharana and its ability to identify and eventually uproot the deep-seated tendencies that hinder your spiritual quest. You will learn how the Sri Vidya Shrine is a perfect replica of the self—and vice versa—and how different aspects of the shrine correspond to the different layers of your psycho-energetic and spiritual self. This knowledge will help you design and undertake advanced practices in the future, and will awaken your inner teacher.

Purashcharana & the Sri Vidya Sadhana Immersion

At the core of this Sadhana Immersion is purashcharana—a time-bound, highly structured practice that, according to the guidelines laid down in the scriptures, is best undertaken in the spiritually fecund space of a fully consecrated shrine. Participation is both an honor and a privilege. With this practice, we greet and propitiate the presence of the Divine Mother and the cluster of divinities accompanying Her. With this practice, we are the first to bathe in the grace of the Divine Mother. With this practice, we pave the way for others to receive and embrace Her love and grace.

For those of you who have already been practicing Navarna mantra and Sri Sukta, this immersion will fortify your practice and further intensify the energy of the shrine. For you, Navarna mantra will be the focal point of your 12-day-long purashcharana.

For those of you not familiar with Navarna or Sri Sukta, this Sadhana Immersion will be an opportunity to learn and practice this highly rewarding sadhana. The consecration of the shrine is the perfect time and place to start and build a lasting foundation for this practice.

For those of you not familiar with any mantra-centered practice, this Sadhana Immersion will be an opportunity to discover the shrine that you are, and find your connection with your inner being. This is the perfect time and place, because the freshly consecrated shrine is saturated with the energy you need to nurture yourself and empower your practice.

Study Sessions Will Focus on:
  • The uniqueness of our inner shrine, its relationship with the Sri Vidya Shrine, and the secret of consecrating it
  • The tantric method of entering a shrine and befriending the forces which accompany us in our inward journey
  • The tantric method of awakening the forces that protect, nourish & guide us in the right direction
  • The tantric method of securing celestial “weapons” to fight & conquer our inner enemies
  • The tantric method of finding our connection with Sri Chakra, Kala Chakra & collective consciousness
  • Meditation on Sri Chakra for living joyfully in a world dominated by fear & confusion
  • Meditation on Sri Chakra for investing the wealth of our desires, hopes & ambitions wisely
  • Meditation on Sri Chakra for harnessing the power of passion and using it to uncover our inner wealth at the heart center
  • Meditation on Sri Chakra for unleashing the power of ingenuity, innovation & meeting the demands of time
  • Meditation on Sri Chakra for protection and inner healing
  • Sri Vidya, the presiding force of Sri Chakra, and her role in guiding us to the summum bonum of life
  • How to carry our Sri Vidya Shrine wherever we go

Year Long Meditation
Click here for more information about Year Long Meditation (YLM), and to learn how you can join in our efforts to reshape the collective consciousness.