Stress is something we are all too familiar with. Every day we manage schedules, meet deadlines, interact with diverse personalities, and still have to find a way to eat dinner. Whether acute or chronic, stress affects us all in varied ways. What if you could learn the tools to help you experience freedom from the negative effects of stress?

Join Luke Ketterhagen for a weekend stress-busting intensive, where you will learn and practice time-tested techniques to empower you to find peace and joy within you, no matter how stressful life is. This weekend program will focus on yogic skills and philosophies that will help you to know and understand yourself better. In seeking to understand your inner world, you will be more empowered to make the necessary adjustments to create more happiness and freedom in your outer world. This weekend could change your life!

Throughout this retreat, you will gain fundamental stress-busting skills and insight, including:
  • Learning the consequences of stress
  • Understanding the stress response from several perspectives
  • Recognizing the symptoms that trigger a stress response
  • Discussing how to make minor “tweaks” in life so that you can take control again
  • Experiencing many yoga, relaxation, meditation, diet, sleep, and exercise tips

Don’t just manage your stress—bust it!

I cannot speak highly enough of the retreat. As you may recall, I was so wound up on Friday night that I couldn’t get over the lack of locks on the rooms—and was so relaxed by Sunday that I wouldn’t even have cared if someone broke into my room (which they didn’t).   It may sound corny, but this retreat had a big impact on me. I feel an internal shift and a stronger sense of self.   I also realize that this path involves intention and hard work, but as far as hard work, I embrace that fully and see it as promising and hopeful—something tangible to help me move forward.

But, what I really want to tell (and I’m sure you have heard this before) is that I can see that you truly love what you do—and it shows.  I would describe your teaching style as patient, humble, genuine, and skilled.  So, please know that your work is appreciated.

Amy, July 2017
A life changing experience. I never thought I would enjoy it soooo much. I am a very rational and pragmatic guy and Luke changed the way I see the world. FANTASTIC
Craig Feb 2016