This retreat is an invitation to yoga teachers and dedicated practitioners to be uplifted in community, focus the mind, restore vital energy, and reconnect to the sacred Self within.

We’ll wake at 5:00 a.m. for a morning ayurvedic routine of neti, hot water and lemon, tongue scraping, dry brushing, and self oil massage. Then we’ll head to the meditation hall for personal japa practice (mantra meditation) and morning prayers. After breakfast we’ll break silence and participate in an asana class aimed at rejuvenating body, mind, and vital energy. Our afternoons will include some scripture study and discussion, as well as free time for personal reflection, PureRejuv Wellness Center treatments, and hiking on the grounds. Evening activities may include chanting, breathing and relaxation, and guided meditation.

This retreat is an opportunity to participate in daily spiritual practice and self-care rituals. The goal is to leave feeling inspired, empowered, and connected to the True Self.