There are widespread misconceptions about tantra; nevertheless it is the heart and soul of yoga. The vibrancy of yoga practice comes from the power of tantra. Adopting an a la carte approach to asana, breathing, relaxation, meditation, mantra japa, and working with kundalini and the chakras is like attempting to feed one limb and organ at a time. Yoga enables us to reclaim our vibrant body and youthful mind only when it is combined with tantra.

Today when many of us suffer from physical depletion and mental fatigue, when fear and doubt have shaken our convictions, and when the forces of nourishment—food, water, and air—have themselves become sick, restoring our inner connection, our inner healing, and our freedom and fulfillment have become more urgent than ever. Tantra yoga is one of the surest ways to find this inner connection and empower ourselves with the vitality and clarity we need to live a purposeful and fulfilling life.

In this seminar, Panditji will share the essence of tantra yoga, which he himself has been practicing for more than 40 years. Drawing on his experience, you will be able to design and expand the scope of your own practice and decide how to become a force of change. This seminar is a gift from the tradition of the Himalayan masters and is infused with Panditji’s direct experience. Do not miss it!

This program coincides with guru purnima, the sacred day dedicated to honoring the 5,000 year-old tradition. It also marks the 40th guru purnima celebration at our campus here in Honesdale. With this program we honor you—members, friends, students, and like-minded souls—by unveiling enriching programs and services that will make you proud of yourself, your Institute, your faculty, and most importantly, the perennial source of guidance, the ageless tradition and the wisdom it embodies.

Weekend Program plus 3-day add-on personal retreat (5 nights)

Extend your stay with an optional 3-day tuition-free, add-on personal retreat, and begin to integrate some of the weekend’s teachings into your personal practice. Enjoy the beauty and expanse of the Himalayan Institute’s 400-acre campus including opportunities for the following activities:

  • Daily hatha classes
  • Personal time with Himalayan Institute Senior Faculty
  • Guided nature hikes
  • Karma Yoga service project
  • Free time for reflection, self-study and personal practice