This New Year’s Retreat is very special—it is at the epicenter of the Year Long (1,000,008-hour) Meditation. The shakti of the newly consecrated Sri Vidya shrine anchors it. As part of this program, when you sit quietly inside the shrine, you will have an opportunity to experience how the highly charged energy of the shrine transforms your study into a living experience. The spontaneous connection the shrine will establish with you will give you firsthand knowledge of how your body and mind are a living shrine, and, in the form of kundalini shakti, how the Divine resides in you.

This retreat is the perfect blend of study and practice. The study entails the tantric understanding of kundalini shakti, and the unique method of harnessing it. Drawing from the Sri Vidya tradition of tantra, we’ll explore how kundalini shakti is the primordial pool of energy and consciousness, and how this inexhaustible shakti is the source of our inner healing and nourishment. The program focuses on a skillful blend of asanas, pranayamas, bandhas, mudras, mantras, yantras, and rituals for awakening kundalini shakti.

Major topics include:
  • Kundalini shakti and the evolution of consciousness—tantric cosmology and our place in the universe
  • Kundalini shakti in relation to God, the natural world, collective consciousness, and our personal pleasure and pain
  • Tantric principle of polarity—the interplay of feminine and masculine, moon and sun, passive and active forces
  • Kundalini shakti, karma, and reincarnation
  • Minimizing and eventually nullifying the impact of karmic conditions
  • Relationship between prana (the lifeforce manifesting as breath), and kundalini shakti
  • The technique of awakening this power of powers as taught and practiced in the Sri Vidya Tradition