With this retreat, restore your inner connection, strengthen your self-trust, reclaim your will power, gather the tools to live a joyful life, and leave behind the fog of the pandemic and the fear, uncertainty, and confusion caused by it. This program is packed with experiential sessions on yoga, meditation, breathing and relaxation techniques, and lectures and reflections on living a productive, meaningful, and joyful life. This retreat is about celebrating life—bridging the sacred and mundane, and learning the art of utilizing our worldly achievements for inner and lasting fulfillment.

Highlights of the program include:
  • The ritual practice for awakening the tantric yantra of Kalagni Rudra to invoke the 360 shaktis which hold in place the globe of our personal and collective life. This rare tantric practice is for freeing our mind from the world abounding in fear, confusion, and uncertainty, and filling it with clarity and enthusiasm for living with purpose.
  • In-depth study of the nature of mind, power of habits, and meditative technique to awaken will power and the faculty of intuition.
  • Cultivating a friendly mind that has no taste for self-punishment or self-condemnation, and is excited to live a productive and purposeful life.
  • Participate in yoga classes and experiential practicums integrating key techniques of yoga, meditation, breathing, and relaxation to help you experience the art of joyful living.
  • Welcome the New Year with a 3-hour group meditation in the company of like-minded seekers and a vibrantly peaceful collective consciousness.
  • For those joining in person, we’ve designed the schedule so you have plenty of time to bask in the spiritually charged energy of the Sri Vidya Shrine, a sacred space unlike any other, preparing you to joyfully greet the New Year.

This program qualifies for 17 hours CEU for Yoga Alliance (13 without yoga classes)

All times US Eastern Standard Time; subject to change

  • Wednesday, December 29th
    • 7:30—9:00pm | Inner Connection: Foundation for Joyful Living
  • Thursday, December 30th
    • 7:00—8:00am | Yoga Class
    • 10:00am—Noon | Tantric Practice of Kalagni Rudra with Panditji
    • 4:00pm | Chai Party (in-person only)
    • 7:30—9:00pm | The Secret of Living in the World & Remaining Above It
  • Friday, December 31st
    • 7:00—8:00am | Yoga Class
    • 10:00—11:30am | The Power of Mind & the Art of Retaining It
    • 3:30—5:00pm | Yoga & Meditation Practicum with Ishan Tigunait
    • 8:30pm | Group Meditation Opening Ceremony with Panditji
    • 9:00—Midnight | New Year’s Eve Group Meditation
  • Saturday, January 1st
    • 7:00—8:00am | Yoga Class
    • 10:00—11:30am | Cultivating Willpower & the Faculty of Intuition
    • 3:30—5:00pm | Yoga & Meditation Practicum with Ishan Tigunait
  • Sunday, January 2nd
    • 7:00—8:00am | Yoga Class
    • 10:00—11:30am | An Action Plan for Purposeful Living