The legends of yoga describe powerful female figures who represent all the aspects of our human experience. Within them we see our own divine nature and through them our own unique gifts. This Shakti energy infuses our lives and our practice. And whatever gender you identify with, you can access that energy to tap into both the beauty and the power within you.

During this three-day retreat, through asana, chanting, discussion, and outdoor activities, we’ll explore the various manifestations of Shakti energy: Saraswati’s eagerness to learn and discover, Durga’s steady, forward momentum, Parvati’s devotion, and Kali’s primal release. Our physical practice during the weekend will range from fiery and flowing to restful and restorative, and as a group, we’ll all have a chance to explore our own personal connections with the stories and songs of the Goddess Tradition while we connect with each other.

So please join us. You already have all the beauty and power of the Goddess within you. Now’s your time to bring it to life.