The Gupta Program™ is a powerful holistic health program for chronic conditions, including Long Covid. At the core of the program is the revolutionary Brain Retraining technique that has helped thousands of people recover from chronic health conditions. Ashok Gupta, the creator of the program, and his team of certified coaches bring decades of combined experience in helping people make full recoveries from debilitating illnesses.

During our inaugural in-person retreat, we will assume that participants are already familiar with the core tools of The Gupta Program. Please only register for this retreat if you are currently using the program ( Our focus will be on providing a rejuvenating experience and creating conditions conducive to a felt sense of health, happiness, and belonging. Join us for daily group meditations, guided Brain Retraining sessions, gentle outdoor activities, intimate small-group coaching, and ample opportunities to connect with fellow retrainers in person.

Embrace this opportunity to take a powerful step forward on your path to wellness and join us in creating a space for healing, growth, and connection.

The early bird price is $897. Price increases to $997 on June 1.