As yoga teachers, we may occasionally struggle to find the time and space to remain inspired by teaching and practice. When we experience “teacher burnout,” we need to take a step back and become a student again to gain a fresh perspective on our personal practice and teaching.

Join us for this weekend retreat and find inspiration in new and creative techniques to hone your awareness of yourself and your students. Learn to bring the philosophy of yoga and the Yoga Sutra to life in a meaningful and practical way, both in the classroom and in the outside world.

We’ll also explore how our personal practice helps us blossom authentically, and can serve as a rich source of inspiration for our teaching.

In this program you will:

Deepen Your Practice

  1. Create a practice specifically designed to support your personal needs and goals
  2. Build a supportive practice that works for your life
  3. Unfold the pockets of anxiety and fear that keep you limited
  4. Keep your daily practice fresh and inspiring after you leave the retreat
  5. Learn to listen to your inner guide

Enhance Your Teaching

  1. Learn to see and observe students more deeply
  2. Refine your verbal instruction to increase clarity and effectiveness
  3. Add new techniques and ideas to your teacher’s tool kit
  4. Make the philosophy of yoga relevant to students in the here and now
  5. Adopt techniques to breathe life into your teaching
  6. Discover strategies to help with teacher burnout