See how you can use asana, pranayama, breathing practices and awareness to strengthen the flow of energy through the chakras and reclaim the natural support system for the body, mind and heart. ­Of the six major chakras located along the subtle spinal axis, the three main ones are manipura (3), anahata (4) and ajna (6). They govern the other chakras in sublime and profound ways.

  • The manipura chakra at the navel area is the gateway to the lower two chakras and known to give health and radiance to the body.
  • The anahata chakra, at the heart area, is the seat of pure consciousness and the source of our innate joy and freedom.
  • The ajna chakra in the area of the mind is the “command center”, shining its light on the vishuddha chakra and governing all six major chakras located within the body.

By understanding these particularly powerful centers and their currents, you are able to reach deeper into the well of yoga, enriching the practice you now have in an insightful and meaningful way.

This weekend seminar starts with the understanding of how and where the chakras are formed by the nadis, the energy channels, and exploring how they can weaken over time through dissipation of the flow or blocking the flow completely. You’ll be lead through practices of asana, breath, and awareness to strengthen the channels and release the dams that get built through habits and misunderstandings. Through these practices, you can reclaim the flow of energy that supports you and helps you live a spiritually vibrant life.

At the end of the weekend, you’ll be able to step back into your life with a greater degree of compassion, more inner intelligence and support, and more resilience to offer the world. Awaken and activate these powerful channels of energy to see what they can bring your life.