We are in a constant state of movement. We move to get things done, we move from one place to another, we move to interact with others. We work, we build, we do… we move.

And then we pause. We settle. We take the time to savor the stillness. We allow ourselves to simply be. And when we do so, we rediscover a whole world of calm. That’s the essence of this three-day retreat: A Time for Pause is your chance to experience movement in a more mindful way and then to release into the beauty of stillness.

We’ll let go of the need to move, so we can discover a quieter space within — a space of nurturing and renewal, of self-care. Through gentle yoga, mindful vinyasa, restorative and yin yoga sessions, along with pranayama, meditation, and guided relaxation, we’ll create time and space for calm.

Combine that with nourishing, natural food, nature walks through fall foliage, crisp mountain air, cool, quiet nights, and optional massage services, and you’ll truly be giving yourself Time for Pause.

Please join us. We can’t wait to share the calm with you.