About this Event

Trauma exists across a continuum interpersonally and systemically with varied impact. Participants are invited to explore power dynamics and intersectionality as they relate to lived experience. With a focus on the foundational concepts and basic applications of the TCTSY modality, seminar participants will have multiple opportunities to integrate knowledge into practice throughout the weekend.

This seminar is for anyone interested in establishing or deepening their trauma-informed perspective and practice in relation to yoga. All are welcome. This seminar is not intended for individual diagnosis or treatment.

Key Content
  • Conceptualizing Trauma and Complex Trauma
  • Trauma theory, Attachment theory and Neuroscience
  • Building trauma-informed relationships
  • Elements and challenges of the TCTSY modality
  • Overview of research and studies on TCTSY

This seminar satisfies the primary prerequisite for application to the 300 hour TCTSY certification program.

Self-study prior to seminar starting will include video viewing and article reading.

Registration is on a sliding scale in recognition of income inequality and access to resources. Pricing ranges from $375.00 to $425.00