Explore your personal path to fulfillment through the framework of yoga and your relationship to money. Applying the tools of yoga to your relationship with prosperity can reveal the deep mental conditioning that shapes every aspect of your life. What stories are you telling yourself about abundance and wealth? What early life experiences and cultural expectations are influencing how you use your time and energy, and how you use your money and other material resources? How do you want to use your energy? Probing our unexamined beliefs around resource management can reveal the unconscious habits of mind that control our energy. Explore the hidden demons of entitlement and scarcity (not having enough), and learn how to turn these demons into allies and guides, using the tools of yoga to propel you toward true fulfillment and lasting happiness.

  • Use the yoga model of the mind to decipher your intentions and motivations, and uncover resistance
  • Assess your maturity level with respect to money habits
  • Get in touch with your intuition with yoga practices to quiet the mind and body
  • Adjust your attitudes and behavior, and transform your relationship to yourself and others with techniques from yoga’s contemplative practices