Modern society has associated getting older with loss, fear, and debility. In contrast, ancient wisdom sees the potential for growth, vibrancy, and expansion as we become free from the daily duties of work and family and move into retirement. Scientific research now supports this time-honored view: that our bodies and minds are quite capable of vibrant health and happiness well into our later decades of life.

At this engaging weekend seminar on healthy aging, you will:

  1. Learn how stress and inflammation are related, and how to manage them both through breathing and relaxation practices
  2. Discover easy methods to get deep, restful sleep every night
  3. Practice techniques proven to reduce aches and pains associated with aging
  4. Experience how exercise makes you younger
  5. Understand how to adopt an anti-inflammatory diet and stick with it
  6. Meet your microbiome (hello gut!) and learn how to support good digestion
  7. Improve your brain function and increase mental clarity using methods based on scientific research
  8. Learn how to begin a meditation practice that will make you more vibrant and healthy

Living a Vibrant Life

Rather than feeling despondent or resigned to common symptoms of aginglike joint pain, insomnia, memory loss, or incontinencelet us inspire you with facts and tips from both modern research and ancient wisdom. You will leave here feeling buoyant, enthused, and confident that your body and mind can remain strong and brilliantfor many many years to come!  

Along with the program’s lectures, practicums and discussions, every day will include a yoga class, relaxation practices, fresh vegetarian meals, and time for resting in nature. Join us!

Dr. Carrie Demers, a board-certified internal and integrative medicine physician for over 20 years, combines the best of Western scientific research and holistic alternative approaches to create understandable and immediately useful strategies for living well. You will return home with a new understanding and appreciation for your healing capacity, and with a toolbox of tips and techniques to keep you moving forward into your best life.