Vishoka Meditation At-Home Practice Immersion Webinar

The Vishoka Meditation At-Home Practice Immersion is designed to help you begin or intensify your at-home Vishoka Meditation practice. This program is specifically designed for students who have already taken the Vishoka Meditation Master Course, and will focus on experiential refinement of Vishoka Meditation rather than learning the techniques. The key to unlocking the full potential of Vishoka Meditation is systematically cultivating a living experience through practice.

In this program, we’ll deconstruct the Vishoka Meditation system into a series of steps so you can build a strong foundation of preparatory practices before we dive into the main body of Vishoka and its supporting practices. Learn how these techniques are sequenced, refined and integrated into a complete, living practice.

“Vishoka Meditation is the legacy of a long line of masters who realized that transcending pain and sorrow is crucial to finding lasting happiness…The secret of mastering the practice lies in the precision and effortlessness employed in uniting the mind and breath and turning their united forces inward. Mastery further depends on two things: first, adhering strictly to the sequence of techniques for uniting the mind and breath and turning them inward; and second, exercising patience.” — Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, Vishoka Meditation

Program Features:
  • Systematically unpack all of the teachings from the Vishoka Meditation Master Course and Vishoka Meditation book and cultivate a living experience of the practice.
  • Build a solid foundation by practicing each preparatory technique step by step, including:
    • Finding your seat
    • Diaphragmatic breath training
    • Systematic relaxation techniques
    • Nadi shodhana pranayama
    • So hum pranayama
  • Building up to the complete practice of Vishoka Meditation by sequentially practicing Aharana pranayama, Samikarana pranayama and the 4-step main body of Vishoka Meditation.
  • Learn valuable refinements to deepen your practice of Vishoka Meditation, and establish a home practice.
  • Immerse yourself in a 40-day daily practice to cultivate a living experience while building momentum that will take you forward in your personal practice.
Program Format:
  • Weekly 90 minute Zoom webinar session at 7pm US Eastern on Tuesdays, starting from July 28th
  • Sessions will be available for on-demand viewing within 4 hours of the live presentation
  • All sessions will continue to be available on-demand for 7 days after the conclusion of the program, until September 8th 2020.
  • Sessions will be a blend of lecture, Q&A, and guided practice.
  • In each session, participants will be given a short daily practice homework assignment for the following week, with practice resources referenced from the Vishoka Meditation Digital Companion or Himalayan Institute Wisdom Library.