Immerse yourself in the transformational potential of Vishoka Meditation and the extraordinary sacred space of the Sri Vidya Shrine. This immersion retreat is a rare opportunity to deepen your Vishoka Meditation practice under the guidance of master teachers.

The Vishoka Meditation Retreat is a practice-driven experience that will profoundly deepen your Vishoka Meditation. Anchored in several hours of daily practice, this immersion weaves several threads of study and practice together to unlock the full potential of Vishoka Meditation.

Program Features:
  • Vishoka Meditation: Capturing the Power of the Lotus Sutra – An 8-part study and self-reflection series with Pandit Rajmani Tigunait.
  • Q&A and reflection sessions with Panditji and Ishan Tigunait
  • Daily guided Vishoka Meditation practice (90-120 minutes long) with Ishan Tigunait and Himalayan Institute Faculty. These daily practices have been uniquely designed as a progressive experience, combining the power of pranic awareness through asana and relaxation, with the core practices of Vishoka Meditation.
In-Person Retreat Features:
  • Daily group meditation and personal practice in the Sri Vidya Shrine
  • Daily recitation of Sri Sukta and Prayers of the Himalayan Tradition in the Sri Vidya Shrine
  • Opportunities for guided nature hikes and enjoying the natural beauty of the Himalayan Institute campus
  • Free time during the day for reading, journaling, and PureRejuv wellness services
  • Special events like kirtan, bonfire, and a chai social.
  • A special havan with Panditji to conclude our Vishoka Meditation Retreat.

* The Vishoka Meditation Course is a prerequisite for this retreat, to ensure that all participants are grounded in its core techniques. This will allow us to focus our time on experiential immersion and refinement of your practice of Vishoka Meditation. This retreat is appropriate for those who are looking to deepen a newly established practice, or those who are intermediate to advanced practitioners.


Key Highlights:

Immersive Vishoka Meditation Practice

Elevate your experience of Vishoka Meditation through the power of purashcharana–an intensive, progressive, time-bound meditation practice. You’ll receive guidance on how to create a personalized practice routine, combining personal meditation, group meditation, and guided practices. The synergy of these practices in a sublime sacred space and the company of like-minded seekers will reveal a profoundly rich experience of Vishoka Meditation. This experience is a priceless gift, and will serve as a catalyst for your ongoing practice when you return home.

Pranic Awareness Guided Practices

Your experience of Vishoka Meditation will be enriched and accelerated through the power of pranic awareness. This retreat includes a progressive series of daily, guided pranic awareness practices. These guided practices will skillfully interweave asana, pranayama, and pranic awareness in shavasana, culminating in guided Vishoka Meditation. Experience how Vishoka Meditation uniquely comes to life as part of this living body of practice.

Study Intensive with Pandit Rajmani Tigunait  

Vishoka Meditation: Capturing the Power of the Lotus Sutra (8-part series)

A crucial component of any traditional purashcharana (intensive meditation practice), is the study and self-reflection (svadhyaya) which accompanies and enriches your personal practice. Join Pandit Rajmani Tigunait for a special 8-part study intensive where he’ll share the essential wisdom of the Lotus Sutra, which is at the heart of Vishoka Meditation.

Vishoka Meditation is rooted in an ancient wisdom tradition spanning millennia, and is at the heart of the Lotus Sutra, Shiva Sutra, and Yoga Sutra. This immersive program is designed to elevate your experience of Vishoka Meditation to a new height as you connect yourself with the power of the Lotus Sutra and the masters who embody it.

The technique-driven practice of Vishoka Meditation has its own merit. It builds a firm foundation—it brings stability to the body, calms the nervous system, makes the mind clear and focused, and opens the door to inner peace and happiness. But the subtle and potent process of transformation accelerates when we begin to practice Vishoka Meditation in the same light in which a long chain of masters did. The Lotus Sutra (Sad-dharma-pundarika Sutra) is a living body of these masters and their experiences.

Dive into the depths of the Lotus Sutra and capture the essence of the original teachings of Buddha as taught by him directly. This is a rare opportunity to study this scripture with Panditji, who is not only proficient in the language of this text, but also has been ordained in this vidya (living wisdom).

Study Sessions:
  • Session 1: Maitreya & Manjushri on the Scope of the Vishoka Experience
  • Session 2: Inner Safety & Stability: Riding the Wave of Change through Vishoka
  • Session 3: The Secret of Transmitting Spiritual Power: Lessons from the Experiences of  Maitreya & Manjushri
  • Session 4: Transmitting the Power of Vishoka in Three Installments
    • Part 1: Calming the Conflagration of Disease, Aging, & Fear of Death
  • Session 5: Transmitting the Power of Vishoka in Three Installments
    • Part 2: Discovering the Mind’s Grandeur & Richness
  • Session 6: Transmitting the Power of Vishoka in Three Installments
    • Part 3: Tasting the Immortal Elixir of Vishoka
  • Session 7: Vishoka Meditation: Living with Avalokiteshvara Buddha
  • Session 8: Imbibing the Power of Buddha, Dharma, & Sangha
Sri Vidya Shrine

The Sri Vidya Shrine is the spiritual heart of the Himalayan Institute campus, and a living shrine of the Himalayan Tradition. This sacred space is charged with unique spiritual vibrancy from countless hours of group meditation undertaken at the Himalayan Institute. Experience how your practice of Vishoka Meditation blossoms in this extraordinary sacred space.