Have you ever wondered why some folks are inherently nurturing? Or warm-blooded? Or have an affinity for art or math? Ayurveda, the sister-science of yoga, and the traditional medical system from India, can explain this!

Ayurveda defines each of us as having a “Prakriti”, a personal nature. That nature is made from “Doshas” or elemental energies (like wind, sun, and earth energies). When we understand our particular nature, we can make choices that support our health and inherent strengths, and avoid foods and experiences that undermine us.

Join Dr. Carrie Demers for this live online workshop and discover your ayurvedic constitution. Learn how symptoms or illnesses—which are often the result of imbalances in elemental energies—can be remedied with often simple shifts in how we live. Understanding this concept gives us the power to both prevent and minimize health problems.

In this 3-hour workshop, Dr. Carrie Demers will explain:
  • A brief introduction to the ancient science of ayurveda
  • The “Five Element Theory” (the 5 great elements (Bhutas) and their properties)
  • How those elements manifest in us as Doshas (particular energies)
  • Our individual Prakriti (personal nature) and how to live in harmony with it
  • How imbalances (called Vikriti) can be both created and minimized by healthy lifestyle choices — and some herbal medicines
  • How understanding our personal nature leads to self-awareness and self-compassion

Learn practical concepts and tips on how to keep yourself healthy, and stand strong in your talents!