What would it be like to have a place for you to simply be — to join with other women to loosen, soften, and relax — to get quiet and rest and go into Nature that is clear and true — where you can feel the energy of a long-standing spiritual community steeped in goodness and love — where you have time to breathe and slow down, regain balance, and find home.

The Women’s Restorative Retreat is such a place. Over the span of 4 days and three nights, you will be nurtured and skillfully guided to your innermost being.

The brilliance of this retreat is in its simplicity:

  • Daily restorative yoga — the art of letting go and receiving.
  • Daily mindful meditation practice — the art of being with the myriad of thoughts, feelings, and sensations, and the energy flows of being alive
  • Daily self-compassion practices — the art of self-loving
  • Women’s listening and keeping silence together and sharing truths
  • Walks in the moonlight
  • Bonfire ceremony
  • Earth hikes (solitude and co-listening)
  • Delicious, lovingly prepared meals
  • Visits to the meditation hall of the Sri Vidya Shrine