How do our habitual thought patterns create obstacles that prevent us from living fully? Both Eastern philosophy and Western psychology offer insights into consciousness, attention, and perspective—and when we apply both approaches skillfully, we can step into life with steadiness and ease.

Join us for a comprehensive exploration of the mind, one that unites modern studies of Western neurology and psychology with the energetic and experiential wisdom of Eastern yoga and ayurveda. Using tools and techniques from the East and West, we can find the energetic and psychological support to return our mind to sattva (purity).

In this weekend seminar, we will work with yoga therapy and the science of ayurveda to discover how our body, breath, and thoughts impact our mood, sleep, and “mental digestion”. By making subtle adjustments to our yoga practice, daily routine, and diet, we will identify ways to nourish and support physical and mental health, reduce stress, and increase resilience. Learn to lift out of patterns that no longer serve you—create new neurological pathways for greater ease and steadiness in your days, and greater comfort and rejuvenation in your sleep.