Children’s yoga is very different from adult’s. Learn how to design and teach children’s yoga classes that are suitable for the school, home and studio. Become knowledgeable and masterful in doing yoga with children and help them develop self-regulation and self-care skills. By applying these skills in their everyday life, children will grow healthy, emotionally stable and succeed in life.DSC 0059 - Himalayan Institute

In the Yoga Break for Children™ Training you will discover: 

  • The concept of Purposeful Yoga Teaching
  • The 3 A’s of Well-Being Method
  • 5 Domains of Self-Regulation
  • The foundation of a Children’s Yoga Business

Here you will learn yoga practices that will help children adjust their energy level by up-regulating and energizing them, to match the demands of a task or situation.

You will discover:

  • Why up-regulating (rising energy levels) is important for some students and when it is needed for all
  • Understanding hypo-active children
  • A complete energizing yoga practice, games and creative art activities

You will experience:

  • hands-on children’s yoga sequences
  • breathing techniques
  • meditations/visualizations
  • metaphors
  • stories and books
  • games
  • art activities

You will experience a real life children’s yoga class where in a safe and friendly atmosphere, you will have a chance to observe and practice teaching yoga to children.

425 cropped 1 - Himalayan InstituteAfter taking the Yoga Break for Children™ Training you will be able to teach your own children’s yoga classes with knowledge and confidence to make them educational, life-relevant and fun!

After completing the Yoga Break for Children™ Training you will receive:

  • a certificate of completion and will become a Certified Yoga Break for Children™ Teacher
  • 30 (15 contact +15 non-contact) hours of Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Hours
  • access to our private Facebook forum

50% discount for the Yoga Break for Children™ Online Training and various discounts for other YBC programs (such as Yoga Can Help™ online course, Monthly Kids Yoga Unit subscription, group coaching calls, private coaching sessions and Create Your Profitable Online Yoga Offer course)

To register, please email Irina at [email protected] 

Join our growing community of YBC yoga teachers and let the fun begin!