Deepening Your Personal Practice
Yoga really awakens something, doesn’t it? You feel different after savasana. You walk taller after a class. You start to become aware of your body, what’s happening in your mind, your surroundings. It’s pretty cool, right? Want to dig a little deeper?

Explore your yoga practice in a weekend retreat created for you to:

  • Learn more about alignment and the mechanics of various yoga poses (asanas)
  • Uncover the benefits of meditation and discover the meditation style that works for you
  • Practice various breathing (pranayama) techniques & understand why you’d use them
  • Build an awareness of our energetic body through utilizing the chakras
  • Connect with like-minded individuals who also seek a deeper understanding of yoga and how it’s intertwined in our everyday lives

This weekend is for you to get away from the everyday. To replenish your body and mind. To awaken new interests. To meet and make new friends. To practice so much yoga. And, to eat some delicious food. All are welcome, including members of and outside the Yoga Dear community. Be prepared for laughter, conversation, and learning…always learning.

Price: Early Bird Rate – $285 until January 20, 2017 /Regular Rate: $335

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