Our bodies are formed with inherent streams and pools of brilliant light and energy. During the dark days and nights of winter, it can be easy to forget about this innate luminosity. We might finding ourselves getting lost in the shadow of our own negative thoughts, habits, and beliefs. Through the practice of yoga, we can reclaim this luminosity, and lead ourselves to unfailing peace and joy.

This weekend yoga retreat is based on ancient wisdom gleaned by sages over years and lifetimes of practice and experimentation. Their insight says we are more than a dense body with a chaotic mind, lacking control over our decisions and life. Discover practices that establish connection, uplift the spirit, and remind us that our inner and abiding radiance is stronger than any darkness we may be experiencing.

During this weekend yoga retreat you will experience:
  • Yoga asana to enliven the body, awakening the intelligence and power that lies dormant within the cells and tissues
  • Pranayama practices to awaken to and surrender into the streams of energy and light flowing within
  • Reminders of a guiding intelligence that is just a breath away
  • Meditation practices that direct awareness to an unlimited reservoir of radiance, clarity, and beauty

These systematic yogic practices can establish us in the fountain of inner grace that nourishes our lives with peace and joy. Join Shari Friedrichsen for a weekend of turning inward and leave with the knowledge and tools to continue deepening your relationship to inner light and joy.