Making space in our lives for wellness practices can be challenging, and once we have embraced a practice, how do we sustain it?

Join Karin Rossi, educator, yoga teacher, and trauma care worker, along with Kevin Genjo LeBlanc OGL, Buddhist practitioner and monk, for a weekend amidst the beauty of the autumn Poconos. Offering various yoga styles — Yin, Restorative, and Trauma Informed — Karin will guide you in moving meditation and explain the science behind why Yoga works and allows you to access the deepest parts of yourself. Early mornings and evenings will find us in Zen Meditation with Genjo, which will include seated and walking meditation and dharma talks.

We will also take advantage of our breathtaking setting to come together for walking meditation and optional hiking. There will be a chance to tour the Himalayan Institute’s Moka Origins: an on-site organic coffee and chocolate factory. Our group will once again have a Saturday evening bonfire with Moka Origins’ s’mores and an optional time for sharing and burning writings.

You will leave your weekend not only feeling refreshed and renewed but with practical yoga and meditation tools that work both on and off the mat and cushion.

Registration: Call to Apply

Please contact the presenter to apply for this program: (609) 425 -2474