The authentic practice of yoga nidra is a deep relaxation strategy, a highly evolved method of meditation, a powerful technique for stress management, and a source of lasting inner peace. Some say yoga nidra can be used as an intriguing system of self-discovery, to guide one into deeper realms of the subconscious and connect to the infinite. The word nidra means “sleep,” and thus the practice of yoga nidra, or yogic sleep, is frequently associated with the practice of relaxed states of consciousness.

For those interested in the foundations and deeper insights of yoga nidra, this weekend seminar will explore methods rarely taught outside the cave monasteries of the Himalayas. Of particular interest is the manner in which yoga nidra practices can be naturally integrated into the meditative system of yoga. With benefits for every level of personality, yoga nidra is a particularly satisfying practice resource.

The yoga nidra weekend retreat will include:
  • Subtle exercises for establishing an enhanced awareness of brain/muscle connections
  • Deep relaxation for calming the autonomic nervous system
  • Guided periods of extremely quiet states of consciousness
  • An overview and practice of the journey from waking to conscious sleep
  • A set of handouts to clarify all of the practices that will be taught over the weekend

This is not just a casual weekend learning about something curious—it is an opportunity to experience something profound and life-changing. Yoga nidra is a practice to engage the autonomic nervous system and gain control of that system, helping to reduce stress and deeply held internal tensions of all kinds. The purpose of yoga nidra is to shift consciousness from one state to another, from waking, to dreaming, to sleeping. Come and experience how this profound and gentle practice can help you live a more relaxed and peaceful life.