We are human so we walk, sit, stand, sit, and sit some more. We must have a systematic program for undoing any tension, tightness, and fatigue we may have collected by working, commuting, or simply living. A strong yoga practice can be a gateway to freedom. Freedom from stiffness. Freedom from resistance. Freedom from a habit pattern that is deep and very ‘sticky’. Learn the fundamentals behind many of the very basic, advanced, practiced, and taught poses in yoga classes. Learn to safely do the poses so you can continue the path to wholeness and freedom.

This weekend is dedicated to outline postures and sequences designed to free the body, open energy channels, increase physical awareness, and ultimately see why the scriptures talk about asana as a gateway to steadiness and ease—on all levels.

Here are some of the topics we will discuss and cover this weekend:

  • The foundation for doing all poses
  • Classifications of postures
  • The source of steadiness
  • The source of ease
  • Combining steadiness and ease in practice