18 years ago, I was given a punishment for violating a high school team rule. The punishment was to meditate each day before school. That turned out to be one of the most valuable consequences of my actions—ever. Many others who have come to practice daily meditation have similar stories and therefore say the very same thing—meditation has changed their life. What the impetus is for beginning is unimportant. The only thing that matters is that you start.
Meditation is finally getting the press and focus necessary to bring it to the forefront of our fast-paced society and culture. It is an unmatched tool to help us cope, heal, evolve, adapt, and become the greatest we can become. Learn the specific practices that enhance meditation. Whether you are new to meditation, a long-time meditator looking to get another perspective and more enthusiasm to practice, or someone wanting to deepen your practice, this weekend intensive is for you.

Join the millions of people benefiting from this ancient and timeless technique:

  • Students in school systems are benefiting more from meditation than from detention and suspension
  • Healthcare practitioners, educators, and patients are learning how effective meditation is to treat depression, anxiety, and pain management
  • Professional sports teams are using meditation to channel inner focus and drive and improve performance by learning to access their most powerful ‘muscle’—the mind.
  • Corporations are adding meditation classes and trainings because of its proven method to improve efficacy, productivity, and reduce stress.

The great sages say meditation is that which introduces you to yourself and is the entry point to understanding who you are on all levels.
Please come and learn why meditation is having such a huge impact on people’s lives. You will never be the same after you start meditation!

Read what one of my students said about her experience:

“I have never meditated and even that short time caught me off guard that I could have such quiet and peace inside. I had some moments of big space within. Pretty cool. :) Anyway—had to mention—had to thank you!”