Join me for a complete weekend dedicated to the practices that at the deepest levels help us heal – physically, mentally and emotionally. This is an intensive on understanding, building, channeling and directing energy. Our study will take a comprehensive look at the breath; how we breath; where in our bodies we can breathe and in what ways we can manipulate our breathing mechanism to create measurable and immense changes. You will become proficient in knowledge and practice in arguably the most important voluntary process we perform. You will:

  • Understand the dynamics of breathing anatomically, physiologically and energetically
  • Know how to prepare for these powerful subtle practices so we gain the most benefit including 3 focus points:
    1. Asana sequencing and practice precisely designed to establish diaphragmatic breathing and a relaxed awareness around the abdominal area
    2. Specifically directed postures, techniques and skills for effectively strengthening a chronically weak and often underperforming respiratory diaphragm
    3. Essential components to setting a proper seat and consequently, creating a container and direction, for the energy to effectively collect, gather and grow.
  • Gain proficiency and practice 10 classical pranayama techniques for cleansing, nourishing, clearing, detoxing, stoking, awakening, uplifting, refining awareness of the inner calm and more…

Please remember that without breath there is no life; there is no yoga. And by knowing how to work with the breath – consciously – we can literally experience an uncoupling of the breath with emotions. This uncoupling lies at the heart of increasing our capacity in life for bhoga and apavarga; fulfillment and freedom, respectively. It links us into the ultimate goals of yoga and it is how we heal on all levels