Yoga can help you build strength. Yoga can help you create flexibility. Yoga can even help you create more steadiness, ease, and balance. For this to all come together though you will need a system and a skillful approach.

This weekend intensive is dedicated to the study and practice of the five major points of focus in developing a sustainable yoga practice that creates strength and stamina.

  1. Create a foundation with diaphragmatic breath training
    Without a firm foundation and understanding of diaphragmatic breathing we continue to move from a limited understanding of the link between the nervous system and the breath thereby creating rigidity and tension—not strength
  2. Build a ‘container’ and elevate our energy level
    It is essential to understand that as you create energy you also want to be able to harness it and eventually direct it. Without this container we may unconsciously be draining the collection vessel in the process. If there is a ‘hole’ does it matter how much energy, strength, and power you generate?
  3. Move the energy
    We must move to be productive, but we also must be skillful in our movements so we don’t waste energy. We will learn to move in beautiful coordination with the breath so then it is the prana that ‘moves us’. We will stay present and build power, manipulate the muscles and bones, all the while staying within a safe level of practice so that we first and foremost—Do no harm.
  4. Stamina is the result of putting it all together
    Begin to gain a mastery of the perfect balance of strength and relaxation; steadiness and ease.
  5. Learn to assess the state of mind for long term success
    There are skills and techniques that will help make a continual assessment of the state of mind. Through practice you will become aware and open to what is happening—now.

It is precisely in the awareness of the present state, in combination with a firm foundation, a suitable container, an ability to move energy, and an understanding of the dynamic of steadiness and ease that we truly access strength and stamina.