Nourish your soul with a weekend full of yoga postures and writing. The overall purpose is to take some time for yourself and tap into your inner wisdom and find that amazing wellspring of creative energy flowing from within you. Yoga helps to calm the body and mind so that we can listen and tap into our creative spirit, capture it and put it down in writing.

We’ll begin each day with a yoga practice to awaken and energize body and mind. This helps to open our creative energy channels. We’ll also practice meditation to be sensitive and listen to our intuitive mind. Then, we’ll explore writing exercises and prompts and listen to writing excerpts including Natalie Goldberg’s book Writing Down the Bones.

We’ll also practice Yoga Nidra (sleep yoga) as a technique to lower our brainwaves and calm the mind to reflect within our internal landscape. A relaxed, unhurried, and uninhibited mind is the best time to practice writing. All channels are open for listening and receiving when we are guided by our innermost, authentic self.

This retreat is perfect for beginners, established writers, and published authors, or if you are just looking for a creative weekend retreat. Bring a beautiful journal or bring a simple notebook, your style is your choice. Most importantly, bring your favorite writing utensils. It should feel comfortable and flow like blue ribbons flowing across wheat fields.

Writing is a sacred practice to acknowledge ourselves, our loved ones, our ancestors, and the natural world. We write to heal. We write to identify images, memories, feelings. We write to find our smallest, deepest voice within. And it’s this internal and sometimes intuitive voice that leaves a deep impact on our psyche which can lead to more freedom, expression, and discovery of ourselves and the world around us.

For more information and to register: [email protected]