As experienced yoga teachers and practitioners and beginners alike, our deepening yoga practice has a tendency to narrow in focus—we find ourselves delving into complex asana or breathing practices without gaining a true understanding of what it means to live our yoga 24/7 by bringing it into our daily life. We can experience the full power of yoga by discovering the essence of our common humanity, and use this foundation to build lasting fulfillment and freedom. This is the potential that practical self-mastery—the heart of yoga practice—holds for us all.

Zoom out and see the big picture with Yogi Living™ Essentials, a life-changing 3-day workshop that will reinvigorate your practice and, for current teachers of yoga, re-inspire your teaching. If you are an advanced student or teacher, this unique intensive will help you expand your personal practice and breathe new life into your yoga classes by seamlessly weaving yoga practice, lifestyle, and wisdom—the basis for unlocking our full human potential. If you are just starting out on the yogic path, learn techniques steeped in tradition and gain valuable practices that will form the foundation for your yoga practice for years to come.

Step away from your life and join us in the supportive environment of the Himalayan Institute’s Honesdale campus to evolve your personal practice, develop a complementary lifestyle plan, and deepen your study of the yogic worldview. Yogi Living™ Essentials is a concentrated, condensed version of the original 10-day Yogi Living™ program. This 3-day program provides a unique opportunity for those who are unable to attend the longer-form intensive, but still wish to experience the benefits of this transformative curriculum.

Program includes:

  • Specialized morning yoga classes to help you to integrate Yogi Living™ concepts
  • Practicums on essential aspects of yogic breathing, systematic relaxation, agni sara, and cultivating a seated meditation posture
  • Techniques to deepen and expand pranic awareness
  • Evening lectures on yogic wisdom from the Yoga Sutra
  • Discussions on yogic lifestyle and foundational concepts of ayurveda
  • Daily afternoon chai and time to connect with faculty members and other participants
  • Guidance for developing a take-home plan to continue your yoga practice and lifestyle