For over 45 years, the Himalayan Institute has been a pioneer of yoga in the West and a world leader in yoga lifestyle programs. This year, join us for the first ever session of Yogi Living, a flagship immersion at our Honesdale campus. Reminiscent of our beloved Self-Transformation Program (STP), this 10-day intensive offers a blend of lecture, practice, and experiential transformation designed to systematically introduce you to the practices, philosophies, and lifestyle habits that sit at the core of yoga as taught in the Himalayan Tradition.

Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Yogi

Many of us struggle to fully integrate yoga into our daily lives. We find ourselves short on time and patience, and while we may have started a practice, it can be challenging to maintain our discipline and find balance in the face of stress and uncertainty.

How can I adapt my lifestyle in this ever-changing world?

The essence of this program is the delivery of ancient wisdom that is directly and immediately applicable to a modern yogi. Learn about the body, breath, and mind and their integration, which is at the core of yoga. Practice asana, diaphragmatic breathing, relaxation, and meditation, and discover practical methods for incorporating these newfound or reinvigorated skills into your daily life. Become more resilient and empowered as you seek to experience your full potential.

Join the Vibrant Yogi Living Community

One unique feature of this program is the opportunity to participate in a vibrant, spiritual community. Not only will you be fully integrated with the Himalayan Institute residential community while attending this program, but you will also form a unique bond with your fellow program participants. As you learn together, practice together, and grow together, your shared experiences will offer lasting fellowship and a de facto membership in a global community of modern seekers and yogis.

In addition to the lecture sessions there will be many opportunities for group activities, including:

  • Daily group meditation
  • Guided nature hikes
  • Karma yoga (group service project)
  • Kirtan (devotional call-and-response chanting)
  • Campfire by Sunset Pond
  • Daily afternoon chai
What Our Residents Are Saying about Yogi Living
There is always a place for anyone who is willing to start their journey down the path of personal reflection and growth.
Emma from Cedarburg, WI
Yoga, compassion, and living life through joyous perspectives is for everyone! There is nothing that cannot be achieved with the outlook that practicing yoga and creating a positive, loving environment provides.
Laura from Buffalo, NY
The Himalayan Institute is like a family. Whether you’re visiting for a short time or staying awhile, you will feel welcomed and encouraged to learn more about yourself through the practice of yoga.
Roxi from Frisco, TX
You cannot hide from yourself here. All of my stuff has been surfacing on a regular basis, but I have never felt more safe to feel it and let it go.
Tim from Souderton, PA
The Himalayan Institute is a vehicle for self-transformation. Whether you arrive as a guest or live here year-round, the spiritual fire here inspires practice, offers hope, reflects back what we need for growth, and reminds us of our innate joy—sometimes all at the same time!
Lisa from Rochester, NY
Discover your true rhythm in life! Learn what it means to retreat to understand yourself better, without the distractions of daily life. Don’t wait until retirement! Take time to learn to meditate from a competent teacher—it will truly help you in all aspects of your life.
Meta from Queens, NY
The Institute is like a family. I have felt more supported here than I ever have before. This is truly a place to learn to be the person you’ve always wanted to be.
Kelham from Plano, TX
Yoga is a practical and organized discipline. What you do (in terms of yoga practice) is more important than what you believe. While each of us has a unique path, our ultimate goal is the same. There is comfort and support being among like-minded seekers.
Bill from Chicago, IL

Program Format

The program consists of in-depth lecture sessions each morning and afternoon on key Yogi Living concepts as well as practice skills in 1-hour modules. Each lecture session is accompanied by a corresponding practicum (practice workshop) geared towards experiential learning. The practicums will cover a multitude of yoga practices and lifestyle skills that can be incorporated into your daily routine to build a powerful home practice.

The lecture portions will be divided as follows:

  • Morning Session—Yoga Practice
  • Afternoon Session—Yoga Lifestyle & Wellness
  • Evening Session—Yoga Wisdom (Worldview & Purposeful Living)

Daily yoga classes will be specifically tailored to support and reinforce corresponding Yogi Living lecture and practicum sessions. There will be plenty of free time for journaling, hiking around our 400-acre campus, and some well-earned rest and relaxation. Optionally, meet in small groups between sessions to learn and practice the Prayers of the Himalayan Tradition.

Download the program brochure to see the full list of topics and an example daily schedule.