HI Europe Sangha

Feminine Face of Tantra

Satsang with Shari Friedrichsen

April 2nd, 2024 | 2pm US Eastern / 8pm CET

Divine Mother is ever-present, ever-nourishing, and always loving. Her names and attributes have been described in more than a thousand ways in ancient scriptures and modern times. Tantra says She is not in us. She is us. Historically and in today’s world She has been called upon personally and collectively when there’s trouble in our hearts and devastation in our world.

In this satsanga we will discuss ways the Devi has interrupted the cycle of negativity and restored faith in the goodness of life, worldwide. We’ll practice asana with breath to guide us to Her inner presence. We will use recitation to recall Her powers and invite them to awaken within us once again, transforming our negativity and personal poverty. Collectively, through our thoughts, words, and actions, Her Presence can be remembered in the world.

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