Do You Envision a Brighter Future?

Join thousands of like-minded practitioners in an unprecedented effort to reshape the course of human history.

Year Long Meditation (YLM) is a global group practice, undertaken to heal and empower collective consciousness. With three ways to participate from anywhere in the world—and a global community of vibrant, mindful people working toward a common goal—you’ll have the tools and support to make a lasting, positive impact on yourself and society.

Join the Practice. Change the World.

In a world full of unrest, fear, and doubt, we need to reconnect with our inner light now more than ever.

Whether you are just beginning a meditation practice or have been a dedicated student for many years—no matter what tradition or background you come from—your contribution to a combined 1,000,008 hours of meditation will have a ripple effect that reaches far beyond those around you.

Year Long Meditation

Your Practice Starts Here

Year Long Meditation starts with your personal meditation practice. YLM At Home is our flagship, free portal that allows you to develop and maintain your daily meditation practice and stay connected to the worldwide community of meditators.

Year Long Meditation Tracker

Meditation Tracker

Set your meditation goals and log your practice time on any device.

Year Long Meditation Learning Resources

Learning Resources

Guided audio meditations, mantra recitations, and hand-picked reading materials from the Himalayan Institute.

Year Long Meditation Community

Worldwide Community

Stay connected to the global Year Long Meditation community with our tracking tools.

YLM At Home Meditation Tracker

Meditation Tracker

Our free tracking tool makes it easy for you to set your meditation targets and stick to them.

  • Simple account setup
  • Meditate from anywhere in the world
  • Log your time toward the collective goal of 1,000,008 hours
  • View your progress over time—on any device, from anywhere on the planet