Ready to take your agni sara practice to the next level? Detoxifying the internal organs, toning the nervous system, boosting immunity—agni sara is a yogic technique that optimizes the functioning of our mind and body. Building on his introductory workshop, Luke Ketterhagen shares advanced practices that expand our engagement of the abdomen, respiratory diaphragm, and pranic flow during agni sara.

Follow along as he breaks down uddiyana bandha (navel lock) into simple steps, demonstrates abdominal churning with nauli kriya, and shares an original method of channeling the inner fire, called “lifting the world.” Experience how strengthening and refining your agni sara routine unlocks new levels of vitality and inner radiance.

Warm-Up Movements

Uddiyana Bandha: Upward-Flying Lock

Churning with Nauli Kriya

Lifting the World: Channeling Upward

Bringing It Home

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