What is self-transformation, and what does it offer us? Self-transformation is about helping us unlock all that is best in ourselves so that we can maximize our human potential and live happy, healthy, productive, and creative lives. The long chain of masters in the Himalayan Tradition has perfected the methods of self-transformation, distilling them into practices and lifestyle guidelines that are simple yet extremely profound. Discover the true meaning of inner and outer freedom—and live according to your highest self!

Fresh from the Himalayan Institute archives, this digitally remastered Wisdom Classic is exclusively available here in the Wisdom Library.

Helping Humanity Blossom in Mind, Body, & Spirit

Tapping Into Our Inner Strength & Vitality

Enlightened Integration: Tradition, Culture, Family, & Self

Ahimsa & Compassion—Living Our Dharma

Empowerment & Self-Mastery: The Goal

Source: Self-Transformation lectures (Honesdale, 2010)

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