If there is no peace within you, you cannot expect peace outside.

—Swami Rama

According to the sages, the twofold purpose of life is to find freedom from anxieties, conflicts, and miseries, and to attain the summit of peace and bliss. But how can we find inner peace when the world around us is full of fear, turmoil, and negativity?

In this video lecture from 1988, Swami Rama explains how we can first start to transform our inner world. By reducing and eventually eliminating the conflicts in our mind and remaining undisturbed in every situation, we begin to live life in a more skillful and peaceful way. This reflects on our external world, as we become conduits for tranquility and higher purpose.

As Swami Rama explains, “Where your mind, body, and heart agree, inner peace is possible.” Watch and learn techniques for cultivating inner peace in a troubled world.

Source: Inner Peace in a Troubled World (Honesdale, 1988)

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