How can we gain access to our inner wealth and awaken the dormant energies in our body and mind? The tantric text Saundaryalahari, consisting of 100 mantric verses, encodes the secrets of shiva (pure consciousness) and shakti (the power of consciousness) which exist in the macrocosm of the universe as well as in the microcosm of our own body and mind.

In this previously unreleased lecture video from 1992, Pandit Tigunait introduces Saundaryalahari in the context of the three major schools of tantra, explaining the esoteric dimensions of yantra, sacred sound, and chakras.

As you watch this lecture, you’ll learn how to begin applying this beautiful and profound scripture as a practical foundation for your sadhana—and a guide for living a spiritually illuminated life.

Source: Saundaryalahari lectures (Honesdale, 1992)

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