Last night I had a unique experience, neither pleasant nor unpleasant, but simply unusual. I did not have enough rest in the daytime, for I did not have time to recline. When this occurs, then during the early morning hours, I take conscious rest and go to a state that I term sleepless sleep. This is a special gift I have received after long hours of contemplation and study of the three states of mind—waking, dreaming, and sleeping—with the determination to go beyond and then have the infinite view of all these three states in one glance.

I have never believed that someone could suddenly slice this state and wake me from this void. It happened last night. I concluded in the morning that it happened because of the strong ties and bonds I have with a bright being in the far distance, and perhaps Her immense desire to teach me was carried by the force of love and traveled to the end of this earth.

Love knows not time, for it is timeless. It alone is capable of removing the conditionings of time, space, and causation, and it can bring past and future into the presence of now. The unconscious is a vast reservoir of knowledge that can easily connect the missing links between the past, present, and future. I was consciously in the unconscious, like a tender child sleeping in the lap of the mother. The Mother Divine gave a tap of love upon my head and awakened me. I have a vivid idea that my Love of love wanted to give me a vision. That could be the only explanation. I leave it to fate to solve this riddle.

Love knows not time, for it is timeless.

Sometimes the future tells the tale which remains untold, and sometimes the past answers the questions that the present and future cannot. These three realities—past, present, and future—are like three distinct colors that make the painting of life exquisite. Who is this painter? You are the painter, the surveyor, the redeemer, and the dreamer of your dreams. If you can gather together past memories and future imaginings and bring them to the here and now, all the mysteries of life that are veiled in the past and all that is hidden in the womb of the future will be revealed to you here and now.

Source: Love Whispers by Swami Rama
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Love Whispers

by Swami Rama

Great poets and mystics throughout history have written about their visions and personal experiences of the Divine. Love Whispers is a collection of such writings, including poems, prose, and dialogues that exude the aroma of spiritual beauty through their words. For many years, Sri Swami Rama kept diaries in which he reflected on life and nature and recorded his dialogues with the Divine Mother. He kept these reflections secret, not wanting these intimate experiences to be consumed by those who might not understand their exalted simplicity.

Love Whispers is the first time these intimate and profound messages have become available for the public. This collection of entries will offer you a rare glimpse into the true nature of mystical awareness and the heart of divine love, seen through the eyes of Swami Rama.

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