A mantra is a sacred sound that nurtures and stills our mind, helps us transcend our problems, and ultimately leads us to moksha—enlightenment, or liberation on all levels. But how exactly does mantra work? How do we know that we’re practicing the “right” mantra? What can we expect when we start practicing a mantra, and how will we know when we’re making progress in our meditation?

With a blend of wisdom and gentle humor, Swami Rama explains the profound science of mantra and the subtle process of initiation into a spiritual lineage. He shares stories about mantra’s “atomic” power to transform our lives and the world around us, and he explains how mantra is a friend and guide that will protect us until our last breath (and beyond). Watch this never-before-released lecture video from 1990, and learn the fascinating secrets of mantra meditation!

Mysteries of Mantra

Mantra’s Atomic Power

Mantra as Friend & Guide

Mantra & Guru

Making Progress in Mantra Meditation

Source: The Purpose & Process of Initiation lectures (Honesdale, 1990)

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