Fresh from the Himalayan Institute vaults, and released publicly for the first time, Part 2 of 2007’s Netra Tantra lectures brings you the secrets of how the Maha Mrityunjaya mantra and its associated practices can help us transform and heal ourselves on every level.

As Pandit Rajmani Tigunait explains, there are a variety of shaktis within and without that contribute to our vitality and power—or, if we are not careful, diminish it. These shaktis include rudra mata (the force of nurturance), brahma–rakshasa (what makes us a monster), yogini (the force of our internal shrines), damari (the voice of our conscience), and apamrityu (the force of untimely death—and of immortality).

Through scripture commentary and practical instruction, infused with vivid stories from his own experiences, Panditji teaches us how to work with 11 key shaktis by using mantra japa, contemplation, lifestyle and emotional choices, and visualization.

Watch Part 2 of Netra Tantra: Harnessing the Healing Force and learn how to uncover the mysteries of spiritual vibrancy—and tap into the elixir of immortality!

Yogini: The Force in Our Internal Shrines

Bhagini: What Makes Us Prosper or Struggle

Rudra Mata & Davi: Nurturance & Secrecy

Damari: The Voice of Our Conscience

Rupika & Apasmara: Mistaken Identity & Hysteria

Pishacha & Brahma–Rakshasa: What Eats Us & What Makes Us a Demon

Apamrityu: Untimely Death vs. Immortality

Source: Netra Tantra lectures (Honesdale, 2007)

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