What are we? Why do we exist? Yoga philosophy does not shy away from tackling such fundamental questions. In the fourth session (sutras 2:18–2:27) of the Practice of the Yoga Sutra Book Club, Ishan Tigunait delves into Patanjali’s worldview on our place and purpose in the cosmos. Discover how purusha (pure awareness) and prakriti (primordial nature) manifest the different layers of reality—and how yoga practice helps us connect with their all-pervading consciousness and potential.

To prepare for the next session, please read sutras 2:28–2:34 in Pandit Tigunait’s The Practice of the Yoga Sutra: Sadhana Pada.

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The Practice of the Yoga Sutra: Sadhana Pada

by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD

In the second book in his series of commentaries on the Yoga Sutra, Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD elaborates on Patanjali’s succinct and straightforward plan to transcend pain and embrace lasting happiness. He points out the obstacles, both known and unknown, that prevent us from creating and living the life we dream of, and assures us that we are destined to discover our pure being and experience lasting joy.

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