As seekers, we all have questions about the nature of sadhana (spiritual practice) and the best way to make progress on the path. In this never-before-released digitally remastered archival video from 1991, Swami Rama delves into the heart of spirituality to address students’ most pressing questions, including:

What qualities can I cultivate that will transform my whole being? Does samadhi wipe out all other thoughts? What is the relationship between truth and love? What is the shortest path to enlightenment? How do we know which desires are healthy and helpful for us to pursue and which are not? If God is everywhere, then how can there be evil in the world?

With his characteristic blend of no-nonsense wisdom, love, and humor, Swamiji invites us to reflect on what is important in life and what it means to transcend our subhuman tendencies and walk on the path of our true, divine self. As he makes clear again and again, this is a path that is available to us all—it is our birthright.

Listen until the end for a special takeaway message from Swamiji: practical, straightforward advice about the best kind of daily sadhana, and tips on how to transform our life!

Source: Q&A (Honesdale, 1991)

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