Awareness of the Reality Within


What is the purpose of life? How can we attain it? In this never-before-released lecture series from 1975, Swami Rama explains that the purpose of life is to be in constant awareness of the reality that pervades every aspect of ourselves and the larger world. With fascinating stories, Swamiji offers profound insights on the importance of studying the mind—so we can learn, as the sages did before us, how to tap the conscious mind to gain access to our unconscious mind and the deeper dimensions of our being.

Meditation helps us become more self-confident, fearless, and strong—able to resolve old repressed issues that start to come forward. Learn about the different stages of meditation and the possible pitfalls, and find out what we can expect when we are engaged in constant awareness.

6-Part Series

The Mystery of Divine Protection

Once there was a sage who used to recite beautiful poetry. Suddenly God appeared to him and said, “Here I am; ask whatever you wish of me and I will grant all your desires.” He...

Meditation Makes You One in All

The divine force within you is very active, but you are sleeping; you are not aware of that truth. Meditation makes you aware of all the forces, and then you must understand the purpose of...

The Power of Constant Awareness

The purpose and aim of life is to remain in constant awareness of the reality. The whole lamp of life is lighted by that awareness, for it is the source of all knowledge. Awareness is...