The Divine Mother: A Journey Toward Radiance and Healing


In this 4-part video series, Shari Friedrichsen explores how the Divine Mother creates and sustains all of life. We are always connected to this divine grace. Drawing upon wisdom from the Devi Mahatmyam as well as Swami Rama’s Living with the Himalayan Masters, Shari explains how the force of compassion embodied by the Divine Mother serves as inspiration for us to live our lives with greater joy and freedom. Even in troublesome times, we can catch glimpses of the Divine Mother and eventually learn to turn toward her. When we learn to recognize and accept her loving kindness, compassion, acceptance, and forgiveness, we can discover our own strength and find healing.

4-Part Series

Glimpses of the Divine Mother

The Divine Mother forms and sustains all of life. She is the creative matrix that is part of everything and that stands behind everything. With her loving-kindness, her compassion, acceptance, and forgiveness, she is always...

Why Turn Toward the Divine Mother?

Why turn toward the Divine Mother? Shari Friedrichsen describes how stories in two books—Devi Mahatmyam and The Himalayan Masters—drew her toward this eternal source of compassion and inspired her to live with greater freedom and...

A Gift in Times of Trouble

We all have fallen on times of trouble—dark places with feelings of anxiety, fear, loneliness, and despair. In these times of deepest trouble, the Divine Mother is always with us. Shari Friedrichsen narrates a story...