Inner Quest: Seeker’s Q&A


As we travel on the spiritual path, we find pressing questions welling up within us about life and spiritual practice. As both a philosophy of life and a systematic science, yoga provides answers to these burning questions—answers that satisfy the mind and soothe the soul. A wellspring of wisdom and spiritual knowledge for thousands of years, yoga enables us to find complete inner fulfillment and freedom as we realize our true nature and our oneness with the divine.

In this well-loved Inner Quest series—an extended yoga Q&A—Pandit Rajmani Tigunait illuminates our path by answering questions on all aspects of spirituality, yoga practice, and yoga worldview, ranging from how to cultivate a clear, calm, and joyful mind to the dynamics of the wheel of karma. Join him for insights and inspiration that will help you move forward on your spiritual journey with a minimum of obstacles.

56-Part Series

Antidote to Fear

Q: Does yoga offer an antidote to fear? A: In the Yoga Sutra (2:3), Patanjali lists five afflictions: avidya, ignorance; asmita, false sense of self-identity; raga, attachment; dvesha, aversion; and abhinivesha, fear of death. In...