Practice of the Yoga Sutra Book Club


Samadhi is the state of union with the source of the universe, the essence of our own being. It is a state of unsurpassed joy, power, and knowledge. Inspired by this vision, we decide to aspire toward it. But how? How can we—with all our limitations, afflictions, and mundane preoccupations—reach the ultimate Self of all?

Yoga is the path that the sages have paved for us. Codified by Patanjali into the Yoga Sutra, it has been leading aspirants from disempowerment to liberation for thousands of years. In the Practice of the Yoga Sutra Book Club, Ishan Tigunait explores the second of the Yoga Sutra’s four chapters, using Pandit Rajmani Tigunait’s book of translation and commentary. If his lectures on the first chapter illustrate the goal and means of yoga in broad, inspiring strokes, this set on the second chapter imparts concrete, systematic practices that we can readily apply to our daily life. How can we soothe the fear and anger raging inside of us? How can we achieve stability and comfort in our body? Discover the specific steps toward shedding pain and reclaiming the immense power and freedom that lies at our core.

Pick up a copy of Pandit Tigunait’s The Practice of the Yoga Sutra: Sadhana Pada and follow along.

9-Part Series


Practice of the Yoga Sutra Book Club Q&A

How do we put self-surrender into practice? What is more subtle than prana? In this capstone session of our book club, Ishan Tigunait answers questions submitted by listeners on the second chapter of the Yoga...