Rudra Yaga: Pilgrimage, Sacred Spaces & Collective Consciousness


Discover the essence of Rudra Yaga, a master practice of the Himalayan Tradition. In this four-part video series, Ishan Tigunait defines and explores pilgrimage, group practice, collective consciousness, and sacred space while highlighting the importance of transformation for spiritual awakening. Learn how joining with like-minded seekers in pilgrimage and the group practice of Rudra Yaga can transform us from inside out and outside in. It’s a journey to discover a deeper dimension of ourselves and experience our own inner vibrancy as we strengthen our connection with a higher, collective consciousness.

4-Part Series

The Power of Sacred Spaces

What is a sacred space? In this video, Ishan Tigunait defines what constitutes a sacred space and why it’s important in our spiritual journey to experience these unique spaces: they are at the heart of...

The Essence of Pilgrimage

Pilgrimage is an important part of spirituality. It is a living practice. Ishan Tigunait explains how it is a way to discover a hidden dimension of ourselves while basking in the vibrancy of a living...