Self-Discovery, Fulfillment & Desire: The Yoga Worldview


Human life is a gift, Swami Rama often said, and we should not squander it. The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali tells us how we can use this gift wisely to attain the goal of life, lasting fulfillment and ultimate freedom. Yoga is a path of self-discovery—discovering the best of ourselves so that we can experience our full potential and live in the world with purpose and meaning. In this video series, Ishan Tigunait walks us through the yoga worldview, explaining the connections between desire, fulfillment, and freedom. By examining ourselves on every level—body, breath, mind, and consciousness—we can begin to understand, and gradually refine, our desires and motivations. As this process unfolds, and we move deeper within, our lives become more joyful, richer, and more meaningful.

Thousands of years old, the timeless path of yoga remains relevant today because the fundamental human desire—to experience fulfillment—is unchanging. In introducing us to our self and our desires at the most essential level, the path of yoga shows us how to be fulfilled and free.

5-Part Series

Why Is the Path of Yoga Timeless?

If the path of yoga is thousands of years old, how can it still be relevant in today’s society? Our ancestors understood that the fundamental human condition, the desire to experience fulfillment, stays constant, although...

Freedom: The Culmination of Fulfillment

Are freedom and fulfillment two separate goals on the path of yoga? Do we need to leave the world behind in order to be free? Ishan Tigunait explains that, according to the Himalayan Tradition, the...

Fulfillment & Desire

The more we understand and refine our desires and motivations, the greater is our capacity to be truly fulfilled. Ishan Tigunait explains how yoga teaches us to look at ourselves on every level in order...

The Yoga of Fulfillment

According to the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, the goal of yoga is to attain lasting fulfillment and ultimate freedom. But what are we seeking fulfillment of, and what do we wish to be free from?...