Stories of the Sages


Follow the footsteps of the sages! This series brings you a treasure trove of fascinating stories about yogis, tantric masters, Himalayan sadhus, and saints—including real-life 20th-century adepts who embody the spirit of yoga. You’ll learn profound lessons of yoga (and of life) as you read about their esoteric experiences, their exotic travels, and the ups and downs of their lives as spiritual seekers. Keep checking back often, as we add new stories—and let their wisdom inspire your study and practice.

11-Part Series

Maya: The Cosmic Veil

One day I said to my master, “Sir, I have been taught that avidya and maya are one and the same. But I do not really understand what maya is.” He often taught by demonstration,...

I Thought I Was Perfect

As a young man I thought I had perfected myself and that I didn’t need any further teaching or study. I felt there was no swami in India as advanced as I because I seemed...

The Sage from the Valley of Flowers

There was not much literature on the flowers and ecology of the Himalayas, but whatever was available, I tried my best to go through. One of the British writers wrote a book on the Valley...

Intuition and Humbleness

When I was in Shrinagar, Kashmir, I met a great scholar of Vedanta who was head of the department of philosophy in a renowned university. He said, “If I can answer your questions, I will...

Guru: A Stream and Channel of Knowledge

The word guru is so misused that I feel hurt sometimes. It is such a noble word, such a wonderful word. After your mother has given birth to you, and your parents have raised you,...